Dow Jones Ind Avg : 56.04 -0.32 (-0.57%) NASDAQ Composite : 14,672.68 -105.62 (-0.71%) S&P : 4,395.26 -23.89 (-0.54%) FTSE 100 : 7,098.59 +66.29 (+0.94%) DAX : 33.44 -0.22 (-0.67%) CAC 40 : 6,662.15 +49.39 (+0.75%) Nikkei 225 : 27,781.02 +497.43 (+1.82%) HANG SENG : 26,235.80 +274.77 (+1.06%)

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For Employees:

  • Free plan member rebalancing
  • Free contribution changes
  • Quarterly member statements
  • Online updates monthly
  • Account accessible 24/7 clicking here
  • On request access to advisor
  • Freedom to make/take out voluntary contributions


For Employers:

  • Wire transfer from plan sponsor bank account monthly
  • Quarterly reconciliations
  • Ready access to administrator

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Comprehensive, Accurate and Timely Reporting

Plan Sponsor Reporting:

  • Quarterly Statements: Monthly on request (at extra cost) and routine monthly reconciliations
  • Weekly NAV calculations updated weekly and available on the following page:
  • Client Communication: At plan sponsor request

Plan Member Reporting:

  • Quarterly Statements
  • NAV calculations updated weekly and available on the following page:
  • Member's account accessible online 24/7 clicking here
  • Client Communication: Performance reviews at plan member request.
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Quarterly Markets Review Publication

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Solutions based on your Risk Tolerance

BIAS provides pension solutions based on your risk tolerance. Start by taking our risk profile analysis test. Based on the results of this test, we will define your investment risk profile as described on the image below, and we will recommend a solution specifically adapted just for you.


Risk ProfileStrategyRisk Scale
You are knowledgeable, plan to be investing for a very long time and are willing to accept additional risk and volatility in exchange for a Aggressive Higher Risk
26 - 30
Growth of capital is your primary goal and you plan to be investing for a relatively long period. You are comfortable riding the ups and Growth 21 - 25
You want a mixed, balanced strategy combining security and growth. You are prepared to accept some risk for the potential for higher long Moderate 16 - 20
You want a mixed, equal weighted strategy combining both security and growth. You are prepared to accept a little risk in order to have the Conservative 11 - 15
You may be approaching retirement or you may simply prefer to take less risk. Income and security are your most important objectives. Low Risk 6 - 10
You are close to retirement or simply cannot tolerate any risk. Security of principal is more important than growth or even income. Very Low Risk 0 - 5
Lower Risk





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