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High net worth individuals as well as institutional investors require tailored solutions to meet their own unique needs and circumstances. Although the process for evaluating objectives and creating solutions maybe somewhat similar(see BIAS Investment Management Cycle) for both institutional and private clients, the BIAS customised solution will be uniquely structured to meet the needs and circumstances of the specific client. Collectively BIAS strategists and portfolio managers have more than 90 years experience creating and managing segregated portfolios suited to both institutional and private investors.

BIAS Managed Portfolio Service is a fee-based portfolio management service involving a discretionary mandate. Following a discussion of return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, and other unique circumstances, the BIAS strategist/ portfolio manager assists the client in setting investment parameters. This allows the portfolio manager to make ongoing investment decisions without your prior consent to individual transactions within the parameters set. Transaction fees are significantly discounted and reporting takes place quarterly.

Managed Private Portfolios

BIAS knows that no two individuals are alike. Each client has his/her own objectives, concerns, and unique circumstances. That is why BIAS’ relationship and portfolio managers make an extended effort to become thoroughly acquainted with the client’s needs before making any recommendations. We know that comfort level is as important as return, so periodic re-assessment of client needs is an important part of our process.

Many high net worth individuals come to us by way of trust managers, making BIAS the largest investment manager of trust company assets in Bermuda outside the two largest banks (see Trust Intermediaries). BIAS has extensive experience in assisting trust intermediaries in providing solutions for efficiently transferring wealth down through the generations.

Although we do not advise on taxation, we do consult with the tax advisors of many clients. We encourage all clients to acquire tax advice appropriate to their domicile. BIAS will then structure the client’s investment portfolio sensitive to the tax advice outlined by the client’s tax advisor. Segregated portfolios such as BIAS’ Managed Private Portfolios allow some flexibility with respect to managing the client’s tax liabilities.

Managed Institutional Portfolios

BIAS has been extended discretionary investment management mandates from Captive Insurers, Trust Intermediaries, Pension Administrators, and Charities. Each classification of institutional investor requires a projection of future needs for cash disbursements. Captive Insurers and Pension Administrators, either through experience of actuarial assessments, may define these requirements, thereby allowing BIAS to dedicate the client’s portfolio to meet those disbursements. BIAS works closely with Trust Intermediaries and Charitable boards to assess the future cash requirements of the trusts or charity beneficiaries.

The overriding requirement of each of these institutional classifications is the need to generate income on an ongoing basis to satisfy the needs of the underlying beneficiaries. BIAS is uniquely qualified for this—its executives having managed portfolios for central banks (including the Bermuda Monetary Authority), pension funds (including CALPERS, the world’s largest), captive insurers, mutual funds, and charities.

BIAS objective is to provide its Managed Portfolio Clients with a significantly high degree of comfort so as to free them up so that they may focus more confidently on their preferred day to day activities and /or their core professional competencies.

  • Quarterly Market Review and Outlook, providing in-depth insights into global financial markets
  • Invitations to Quarterly Market Briefings held in our offices
  • Global execution of securities
  • Uniquely developed portfolio analytics, including the BIAS Global Portfolio Diagnostic
  • Gold Mastercard and Chequebook at no extra cost
  • Heavily discounted transaction charges
  • 24/7 viewing of securities holdings (some mutual funds and Bermuda shares excluded)
  • BIAS can denominate portfolios in any currency.
  • Individual assets are tracked in their base currency, which allows return calculations to separate security performance from currency performance.

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