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By answering the questions on BIAS’ Risk Analysis Questionnaire you will receive an automatic response showing your risk tolerance to be one of the following six alternatives. Examine each alternative carefully in light of your own particular circumstances before moving onto the Asset Allocation decision.

Step 2: Defining your Risk Tolerance

Very low risk:

Your are close to retirement or simply cannot tolerate any risk. Security of principal is more important than growth or even income.

Low risk:

You may be approaching retirement or you may simply prefer to take less risk. Income and security are your most important objectives.


You want a mixed, equal weighted strategy combining both security and growth. You are prepared to accept a little risk in order to have the potential for higher returns over time.


You want a mixed, balanced strategy combining security and growth. You are prepared to accept some risk for the potential for higher long term returns over time.


The growth of capital is your primary goal and you plan to be invested for a relatively long period of time. You are comfortable riding the ups and downs of the market in exchange for the possibility of higher long term returns.


You are knowledgeable, plan to be invested for a very long time and are willing to accept additional risk and volatility in exchange for a potentially higher rate of growth.

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