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By: Terrae Tuzo

TerraeTuzo LamaTemple SmallerPires Scholar Terrae Tuzo applied for the opportunity of a lifetime by applying for a summer internship in China. In order to apply, the Bermuda Institute graduate had to follow a length application process which included finding sponsors, obtaining a visa, sending documents to China, and attending placement interviews. As a consequence of this effort, Ms. Tuzo was assigned a two-month internship with Lehman Brown Accountants in Beijing.

The Bermudian university student from St. George was thrilled at the prospect of living and working in China, a country far from home and whose language she does not know. Whilst in China, Ms. Tuzo shared an apartment with three other interns from the US and Shanghai and was entertained with other summer interns also working in China. Whilst at Lehman Brown she assisted in various marketing projects.

As part of her internship, Ms. Tuzo attended Mandarin lessons once a week. These Ms. Tuzo said were very helpful in communicating with locals. She enjoyed these lessons so much that when she returned to university in the UK, she continued with lessons in Mandarin.

The Chinese were very kind and helpful when she struggled to find her way around the massive city.

During her spare time, Ms. Tuzo toured the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, roamed the Summer Palace, visited sacred temples, and experienced the Hutongs.

The word 'hutong' means water well in Mongolian. The Beijing Hutongs consist of many twisted lanes that were used to provide water wells for the communities of the Yuan Dynasty and were connected to the many courtyards in the Forbidden City. Each of the lanes in the hutongs has their own name and special meaning. There are thousands of hutongs in Beijing, and Ms. Tuzo visited the Nanluoguxiang Hutong near the Forbidden City. The Nanluoguxiang Hutong had many bars, gift shops, exotic foods, and traditional Chinese restaurants.

Ms. Tuzo says that she is most grateful for the sponsors (The Wongs, Mrs. Goins-Francis, The Wilmots, and Sir John Swan) who assisted her financially, as well as her mother (Quanae Tuzo) and grandmother (Paula Fough) who supported her decision to work for the summer in China.

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